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9th of August 2020

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"Start: 8:00 am German time! (CEST)"


Exclusiv with Paul Uhlir und Jutta Schuhn - THE ONLINE Convention 2020!!


Your chance to get top training and great ideas at home!


The latest and evidence-based topics for therapy and fitness! Be there!

No matter whether one, several or all topics are of interest to you, you will expect a lot of know-how, suggestions and a lot of fun.


For all Fitness Coaches, Group Fitness Trainer, Personal Trainer & Physiotherapists


And at the end of the day you have the opportunity to chat live with Jutta & Paul and ask questions and get a lot of helpful information.


Each participant receives a certificate of participation from the Airex Academy!



BONUS FEATURE - Online Stream & Workshop 14 days available!!



Jutta Schuhn

Juttas motto „life is to short to be tired“ shows that after all the years working in the fitness industry she does not get tired to move forward, be innovative and give new ideas to clubs and instructors. Jutta’s energy and passion is still enormous after over 30 years working as a presenter, educator and consultant in the fitness industry. She still has a lot of goals she wants to reach together with other people. She has a degree in sports science and as a Dance Therapist and belongs to the most requested and popular intern. Presenters of Germany for over 30 years! A lot of awards like „European Educator“, „Bodylife Presenter of the Year`“, "Instructor of the Year" und "EuroStar show the respect the fitness industry has. Jutta is know also outside the Fitness industry because she had her own TV shows in Germany for over 7 years, wrote several books and is still shooting Fitness Videos. Jutta is an AIREX Brand Ambassador and a consultant for different big companies. She designed Fitness programs for Coc

Paul Uhlir

International top presenter, speaker & trainer - Paul Uhlir is one of the most popular fitness experts worldwide. His incorruptible know-how with over 25 years of experience, as well as the particularly unique way in which he gives his lectures, seminars, workshops and training courses, impresses his participants. He sets new standards with the development of new concepts for the fitness industry, the medical sector and the hotel industry. He works as a consultant for the hotel industry and internationally known and leading brands. Paul Uhlir is the founder of YOGA move, which has already established itself on 3 continents. The Functional Training Expert is also active in evidence-based science work on body awareness and mindfulness training.


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Registration UNtil 31.07.2020

49,90 € (incl. TAX)

Registration after 01.08.2020

69,90 € (incl. TAX)


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